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Storm clouds are gathering, and winter winds are rising. The previously idelic island of Emora is no longer the paradise that the first newcomers thought it was. In Bellingwater, the central and most prominent settlement on the island, there is turmoil in the streets; as the residents of the city begin to fight back against the influx of new arrivals drawn into the world by the Trickster, while the smaller town of Millhaven is rocked by tremors from the earth. The Trickster continues to pull in other people from more and more different universes, but with so much discord, can anyone find happiness here?

You decide.

Either way, there is one thing certain: the Trickster is laughing.


Here's the news

- 27/07/12 MICH! was made a moderator.
- 28/07/12 man_of_letters was made co-admin.
- 31/07/12 mellielia made a new skin.

Quote of the Week:
"Heh, you've got all the style of a peacock that fell through a paint factory."
~ The Joker, to Sebastian Shaw.


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  • Year: One
  • Month: November
  • Season: Fall
  • Events: No Events

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